top notch (1) (1)In April of 2008 we created a BBQ sauce to be served with the cuisine of our family’s catering business. Later that same year we opened a restaurant and the BBQ sauce became the focal point as our customers would ask how they could buy more and more of it. After 5 years of rave reviews on all our food we decided to start bottling our products and getting them into various stores for our customers to have more access to. However, after looking around for manufacturing plants in our area, we found that they lacked the consistency, flavor, and personal touch that our product requires. One of the most important things to us about our product was keeping the flavor and the quality that our customers had come accustomed to. So, in the summer of 2013 Top Notch Bottling was born! Now, with products from BBQ Sauce and Sweet Cornbread Mix to Hot Pepper Jelly and Honey Butter we are in over 50 stores! We love standing behind our products, staying local, and building lifelong relationships with our vendors and our co-packing clients! We believe in our products and we want to instill that same belief in you for your products! Come and join our Family Business (Mom, Dad, and Seven Kids) by letting us help you reach the dreams you have for your products!